Job Information
Job Title Testers
Location Hiring
Position Requirements 【Qualifications】
1, 18 to 30 years old, female, in technical education;
2, hardworking, honest, active, good communication skills, strong sense of service;
3, units of measurement, mathematics, general knowledge of physics;
4. The work is meticulous, non-defective vision, understand basic computer operations;
5, plastic testing work experience is preferred;

1, is responsible for detecting environmental data, print certificates and test reports;
2, responsible for detecting feed, WIP, finished the melting point, the flow rate, making the template and its properties (strength, elongation, hardness, density, aging experiments), the formation of the test report;
3, responsible for the monthly program of the laboratory developed and implemented;
4, responsible for laboratory statistical anomaly detection and classification of records;
5, the regional examination pass rate 6S;

【Corporate welfare】

1, the monthly wages on time on the 15th;
2, year-end bonus for each year;
3, held once a year of domestic tourism;
4, for insurance;
5, four days leave per month;
6, in addition to the above conditions, the Division I also pack food and lodging
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